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    Between 2017 and 2021, the number of reported cases of pediatric edible cannabis exposure increased by 1375%, resulting in 3054 cases in 2021. Nearly all cases happened in their own home (91%), which highlights the need for responsible storage when it comes to the use of cannabis edibles.
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    Now that a lot of us have officially transitioned to a more at-home way of life, this year’s spring cleaning might feel like a larger challenge than years past. But with the right approach, dealing with the clutter and dirt that results from a work-from-home, school-from-home lifestyle can go from overwhelming to easily attainable.

    Read on for the ultimate spring cleaning guide on how to get started, how to maintain the cleaning you get done, and how to use tech to your advantage.

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    Protecting your loved ones and your valuables sometimes requires a lock and key, especially when it comes to things like firearms, jewelry, prescriptions, and sensitive documents. But a lock doesn’t have to mean what’s behind it is some big secret.
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    Getting to know other families through your child can be fun, and it can be awkward. Especially in today’s crazy world, when so many subjects feel taboo. But taboo aside, it’s our responsibility to make sure our children are safe, and that responsibility extends to when they’re in other people’s homes. That’s why it’s important to get pertinent information upfront, including whether or not the home has safely stored firearms or intoxicating substances.
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    Natural disasters are becoming more commonplace every season as climate change continues to do exactly what experts predicted it would. And while we encourage everyone to be proactive and do their part to reduce their carbon footprint, we recognize that natural disaster prep is essential no matter what.
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    Navigating Instagram Censorship in 2021

    “Every time I tell someone I make tech-based smart-locking furniture, the follow-up question is usually something along the lines of, ‘Like...for guns and alcohol?’ When I respond with, ‘Nope, weed,’ I’m usually met with a quizzical look and asked why I’d limit my customer base.”

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    From lightbulbs to security systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) is taking us closer to living like The Jetsons every day. But not all smart home products are created equal or are even necessary.Read on to check out the list and see what might work for you and your family.
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    With the pandemic slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past, you might be feeling like it’s time to check in with your consumption habits. 2020 gave us all reason to overindulge—whether from quarantine stress or boredom or both—but now that we’re returning to the normal we used to know, you may not want to partake as excessively as you were.
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    Fast furniture is essentially the same concept as fast food or fashion—buying cheap, trendy, easy-to-get-rid-of pieces because they’re more affordable and less necessary to pack up when moving time comes. Fast furniture lets you have your trendy living room and easily change it too.
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    If you’ve ever decorated a space based on your favorite color only to realize purple everywhere isn’t exactly the vibe you were hoping for, or if you’ve ever bought a fabulous new piece of furniture only to hate it the second it hits the floor, this blog post is for you.
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    Electronic locks are quickly replacing the old fashioned lock and key, and for good reason. By providing you more control over who can access your belongings and when, electronic locks offer you a peace of mind that mechanical locks can’t.
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