We'll Say It Again: Safe Storage Isn't Hiding.

    Safe Storage Isn't Hiding. Protect Your Loved Ones and Your Valuables.

    Protecting your loved ones and your valuables sometimes requires a lock and key, especially when it comes to things like firearms, jewelry, prescriptions, and sensitive documents. But a lock doesn’t have to mean what’s behind it is some big secret.

    Locked storage has a stigma of being sneaky and secretive. And it can be if that’s what you need it to be. But at the end of the day, using safe storage with a lock truly means protection not only for the valuables you’re guarding but also for you and your loved ones.

    This notion of protection is what inspired Forti Goods. We knew people were in need of safe storage, but we also knew how easily a key can be lost (and found by the wrong hands), so we set out to design smart-locking furniture that was as safe and convenient as it was stylish.

    Forti Goods Evelyn Locking Drawer Coffee Table

    Although we were originally founded with plant medicine in mind, we realized our smart furniture could provide safe storage for more than that. Forti Goods safe storage can help to protect just about anything, including:

    • Jewelry
    • Alcohol
    • Prescriptions
    • Firearms
    • Personal pleasure items  
    • Electronics
    • Cash
    • Passports
    • Sensitive documents
    • Sentimental items

    Keeping these items securely stored doesn’t mean you’re hiding them. On the contrary, it means you’re protecting them and the young hands—or any unwanted hands—that might be curious about them. And we’re here to help.

    Safe Storage Is Protection for Your Loved Ones

    If you have kids in the house, using safe storage for your adult-only items is a must. Curious hands quickly learn how to open drawers and dig through closets, so it’s important to be smart about your storage when it comes to things like firearms, prescriptions, and jewelry.

    Locking drawer in Forti Goods furniture

    The Importance of Safely Storing Firearms

    Unsafely stored firearms increase the risk of unintentional firearm deaths. And according to The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, each year nearly 500 people die from unintentional firearm injuries. Put another way, more than one person dies from an unintentional firearm injury every single day of the year.[1]

    Keeping your firearms safe and away from unwanted hands is essential for firearm safety. But we wanted to design a safe storage option that wasn’t so look-at-me-I’m-obviously-a-gun-safe like the ones you’ll find online. Because sometimes you don’t want your safe’s duties to be general knowledge.

    The Importance of Safely Storing Prescriptions

    According to Safe Kids Worldwide, a nonprofit that helps families and communities keep kids safe from injuries, medicines are the leading cause of child poisonings.[2] Keeping your prescriptions locked up is pertinent to your child’s safety and everyone else’s in your home.

    But if these are medications you take regularly, you need something that’s more convenient—and safer—than a lock and key, which is why all of our furniture uses smart locks you can easily unlock with your phone. Because you already have enough keys on your keyring.

    Forti Goods Grace Side Table Nightstand Safely Stores Prescription Medication

    The Importance of Safely Storing Jewelry

    High-end and heirloom items like jewelry are irreplaceable, which is one reason they’re a typical target for home burglaries. Using safe storage to protect your jewelry can save you thousands in stolen goods and ensure your sentimental pieces stay in the family. And using safe storage that doesn’t look like a physical safe can stop them from even trying. Nothing to see, nothing to steal.

    But theft isn’t the only cause of lost jewelry. Kiddos are attracted to sparkly things, and there’s no stopping them from playing dress-up. Certainly a fun time, until they accidentally lose your grandmother’s ring.

    Safe Storage Is Protection for Your Valuables 

    Obviously, keeping your important items safe is good for the household. But it’s also good for the items themselves.

    We wanted to make sure we kept not only your family but also your valuables in mind when designing our smart-locking furniture, so we added a few touches to help keep you organized and your items protected, including the ability to add extra smart locks to any doors or drawers you want.

    Smart Furniture for Firearm Storage

    Forti Goods smart furniture is ideal for safely storing firearms without drawing attention. Any of our furniture with locking drawers can keep your firearms and ammunition secure, as they’re all outfitted with locks onlyyou have access to via the Forti Goods app. Meaning unless you specifically grant someone access to your firearm drawer, nobody is getting in. And with soft closing drawers and doors that have auto-locking smart locks, nothing will ever accidentally be left open or overly exposed to sunlight or moisture.

    Lock your Forti Goods drawer with the mobile app

    Smart Furniture for Prescriptions

    Like firearms, your prescriptions do better when stored in a cool, dark place like the soft-closing drawer of a smart-locking end table. And with our matching traysyou can keep your medications organized by type, time of day or week, or how often you use them. Or all three.

    Smart Furniture for Jewelry

    Our smart-locking side table is the perfect piece to place next to your vanity for storing all of your valuable jewelry (and maybe some of your higher-end makeup too). We have some matching, handmade accessories you can use to organize your jewels, including trays in three sizes catch-all block, and a box with a snug-fitting lid. You can use these for added protection, organization, and to store things like brooches, extra earring backs, extra clasps, or any loose items.

    Small batch wood organization accessories for locking drawers

    Quit Hiding. Start Protecting.

    Using smart storage in your everyday life is an investment in your valuables and your family. There’s no need to feel like you’re hiding something when in reality you’re being smart, proactive, and imparting the lesson of respecting other people’s space and things.

    And the lesson that while sometimes secure storage is necessary, it doesn’t have to be secretive.