Why Electronic Locks Are More Secure Than a Lock and Key

    Electronic locks are quickly replacing the old fashioned lock and key, and for good reason. By providing you more control over who can access your belongings and when, electronic locks offer you a peace of mind that mechanical locks can’t.

    That level of security and convenience was important to us when developing Forti Goods, as was the unobtrusiveness of electronic locks in general. Read on for the other advantages of electronic locks and why they offer you, your household, and your cannabis more security than old-school mechanical locks.  

    Electronic Locks vs. Mechanical Locks

    Electronic locks outshine mechanical locks in several ways. Because they’re electronic, they can be tailored to your security needs more than mechanical locks, providing you more personalized protection than mechanical locks are physically capable of.

    We broke down the pros, cons, and features of electronic and mechanical locks into three main categories of security: access control, in case of emergency, and alarms and notifications. (Plus an added green bonus at the end.)

    Access Control

    • Unlike mechanical locks, electronic locks have no key to copy, lend, or lose, so you don’t have to worry about who might have access to your belongings and when they might try to access them.
    • Electronic locks allow you to grant temporary access to others without any physical key, and they give you the power to restrict that access whenever you want.
    • Electronic locks keep a timestamped log of past access so you know exactly when it was unlocked, how long it stayed unlocked for, and when it was relocked.
    • If your e-lock has been compromised, you can easily set up a new access code without having to replace the entire lock like you would a mechanical lock.

    woman using access keypad

    In Case of Emergency

    • Because electronic locks don’t require a key, there’s no digging through pockets or purses to find one when you need it. In an emergency, you can unlock almost immediately.
    • If someone else needs to unlock while you’re not there, electronic locks allow you to grant access remotely. No need to hide keys or leave someone waiting for hours until you arrive.
    • E-locks generally have a light source built in, like a light-up keypad or an app, which is helpful if you’re trying to unlock at night. No more fumbling in the dark trying to fit a key into a lock that you can’t see. And if you’re e-lock has an app (like ours does), no more fumbling at all.

    woman can't find set of keys in parking lot

    Alarms and Notifications

    • Some electronic locks can notify you in real-time if they’ve been tampered with or compromised, so you can take action immediately. The closest mechanical locks can get to this is if you’ve also invested in a professionally monitored security system.

    BONUS: Environmental Impact

    • Since e-locks don’t require keys, and therefore don’t require key copies, covers, or key rings, they use less materials and create less waste than mechanical locks.
    • They also lead to less waste because you don’t always have to replace them when they’ve been compromised, you can usually just set up a new access code.  

    Using Electronic Locks for Responsible Storage

    When it comes to secure protection, electronic locks are more effective than mechanical locks, which is why all of Forti Goods’ pieces are equipped with them. But with cannabis being an intoxicating substance, we wanted to design our smart cannabis storage with even more security for you and your loved ones.

    Not only do Forti Goods’ e-locks offer all of the protections listed above, they also have:

    • Auto-locking mode so you know your stash is always secure
    • Timed-locking mode so you can set it and forget it
    • Manual-locking mode so you have complete control over access to your stash

    And everything is controlled through your smartphone with the Forti Goods app. With the app, you can add or remove guest access, similar to the access codes we talked about earlier. And you can reach out to customer support should you need to.

    The physical lock itself has a lot to offer as well. We knew it needed to be strong and durable, but a padlock isn’t exactly pretty or discreet. We opted for some more unobtrusive features.

    Forti Goods app on iPhone sitting on Eleanor entertainer

    E-lock Features

    • Out of sight, out of mind: With our e-locks, there’s no noticeable lock to insert a key, meaning there’s no physical cue that something important resides behind each door or drawer.
    • Made to last: Our physical locks contain a patented mechanism with dual, stainless steel jaws that reinforce the latch’s strength, making it able to withstand over 7,000 pounds of pull force. Plus, it uses a low operating current, so we can use a rechargeable battery for it.

    Forti lock and latch closed

    • Nothing to pick: With no hole to insert a key, there’s nothing for someone to pick open. The lock itself is actually located behind the locked drawer. Plus, by using encrypted wireless communication and a true random number generator, it’s next to impossible to hack into.
    • Extra locks for extra items: All of our smart cannabis storage pieces come standard with an e-lock for the main compartments, but they’re designed so that you can add extras should you want to lock other parts of the piece. Where most e-locks can’t talk to one another, our system is expandable up to five total locks, and they can all function within the same app. No need to worry about reprogramming key fobs or buying matching lock cylinders.
    • Visual reassurance: Because the locks are connected to the app, you can see immediately if your furniture has been opened or closed, locked or unlocked.


    Electronic locks provide more benefits and protection than mechanical locks because they’re customizable, they don’t require a key that could be lost or stolen, and they can be accessed remotely. Not to mention, with no need to copy and replace keys, they produce less waste than mechanical locks. If you’re considering a smarter approach for your stash storage, definitely opt for something that secures with an electronic lock.

    Preferably something that looks good while doing it.

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