5 Quick Tips to Organize Your Entryway for Back-to-School with the Merritt Console Table

    Back-to-school season is here, but there’s still time to get organized! One of the easiest and most beneficial areas of your home to organize is your entryway. A well-organized entryway can help reduce morning chaos, teach kids responsibility, and keep clutter from overtaking your home. Read on to learn 5 mom-approved tips for creating a functional and organized entryway for your family.


    1. Establish a launchpad.

    Designate a central area near the entryway as the "launchpad." This is where kids can gather all their essentials before heading out, such as backpacks, lunches, and water bottles.

    If you have a mudroom, this is a great place to designate! If your home doesn't have a mudroom, a piece of furniture works just as well. Our Merritt Console was created to be the perfect entryway piece and makes a great launch and landing pad. The bottom shelf is perfect for shoes, baskets or backpacks!

    Mom Tip: Have your child check the launchpad before washing up for bed to make sure everything is ready for the morning.

    1. Designate dedicated storage.

    Assign specific storage spaces for each family member. Use cubbies, lockers, or individual baskets to store backpacks, shoes, and other essentials. This way, everyone knows where their items belong, and it becomes easier to grab everything quickly in the morning.

    Install hooks or pegs at kid-friendly heights to hang backpacks, jackets, and coats. Don’t have the wall space? Peel and stick hooks can be attached to the sides of furniture for lighter objects that are used daily, like coats. This makes it easy for kids to access their belongings without the need for searching or digging through piles.

    1. Use a dry erase board or bulletin board.

    Hang a bulletin board on the wall or prop a dry erase board up against the wall above your “launchpad” near the entryway to post important reminders, schedules, and permission slips for the week. This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page for upcoming events and tasks by making it one of the last things they see before they go out the door. For younger children, it can be helpful to note the day’s class schedule so younger children can be responsible for bringing their gym shoes or library books on the correct day.

    1. Establish a drop-off routine.

    Teach kids to drop off their school items and belongings in the designated spots as soon as they enter the house. Return empty lunch boxes to the kitchen, and put any take home folders, notes or permission slips into a tray so you can see it. The first few weeks of school can be a hard time to establish a new habit, due to the newness of the school year. If they can’t do it when they walk in the door, redirect them after some downtime and a snack. Stick with it and in a few weeks this habit will become automatic, saving everyone from unnecessary morning scrambles - and teaching your kids to be more self-reliant!

    1. Keep it clutter-free.

    Regularly declutter and purge items that are no longer needed, or don’t belong there. That bag of artwork your child brings home doesn’t need to sit there for the rest of the year. Ask your child which items they want to keep (use a limit if needed) and place it in a bin labeled with their name. If you live in a climate with four seasons, don’t keep sandals and snow boots in the same area year-round. An organized and clutter-free entryway makes it easier to find and manage essentials during busy mornings.

    Bonus Tip: Keep devices locked up.

    The Merritt Console table has a lockable drawer that can be used to secure cell phones and ensure they're not being used when your tween or teen should be sleeping. In the morning, they'll be right where you left them, no searching needed - just ready for the day.


    A well-organized entryway can make a big difference in the morning rush – and it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. With a few simple tips, you can create a functional and organized entryway that will help you and your family start each day off right. And if you’re looking for a piece of furniture that can help you achieve this, be sure to check out our Merritt Console table. It’s the perfect solution for storing backpacks, shoes, and other essentials – and it features a lockable drawer that can be used to secure cell phones and other valuables.