We’re Leading the Evolution of Furniture With Smart Locking Furniture for the Home

    Starting with Locking Furniture for Your Valuables 

    As you read this blog on your smartphone, possibly with your computer, tablet, or smart TV in front of you, think about the evolution of the home for a second. Houses used to be smaller, indoor plumbing wasn’t in the majority of American homes until after the 1950s, and closets weren’t included in floorplans until fairly recent history.


    a double decker outhouse from the 1950s

    And now here you are, in your master bedroom, or TV room, or bathroom, or man cave. Because as industry and technology advanced and things became easier to produce and more accessible, humans started to accumulate more thingsAnd houses needed to evolve to make room. So they did. Kitchens are now the focal point of the home. Closets are now a necessity—the more the better. The same goes for bathrooms. 

    But more importantly, as you might’ve noticed from the screen(s) in front of you,the way we live within our homes has evolved. Today, when designing, decorating, or choosing a home, we account for things like smart wall outlets, smart speakers, smart lighting, smart appliances, smart security systems, etc. There’s a lot more to consider than where we’ll lay our head at night.

    The one thing that’s been left behind during this evolution and fusion of home, things, and technology? Furniture. We think it’s time to change that.

    The Evolution of Furniture

    The concept of furniture and the role it plays in the home has remained constant pretty much since its inception. Flat surfaces are for eating upon or displaying things. Cushions are for sitting. Bulky chests and drawers are for storage.

    At Forti Goods, we’re challenging that antiquated concept. We think furniture can be more than an idle object waiting to be used. We’re initiating the evolution of furniture with smart-locking technology that turns the drawers in our furniture into sleek, stylish, and secure compartments that keep your valuables safe but easy to access. By keeping your valuables locked up yet close at hand, we hope to enhance your experience with them, and in turn, their presence in your life.

    Lock your Forti Goods furniture with our mobile app.


    Smart Furniture for the Home

    Forti Goods smart furniture takes into account the modern valuables you have in your home, like:

    • Plant medicines
    • Electronics
    • Wine and spirits
    • Prescription medicines
    • Cash
    • Jewelry and watches
    • Passports
    • Sensitive documents
    • Personal pleasure items
    • Firearms and ammunition
    • Collectible/sentimental items
    • Hardware wallets
    • Evacuation kits

    Our smart furniture provides a safe place for you to conveniently secure these sensitive items, instead of keeping them in the backs of closets or somewhere in the garage where they can be easily found or easily forgotten. Each of our eight entertainers, coffee tables, or side tables comes with at least one smart-locking drawer that’s accessible only to you (or people you give access to) and only via the Forti Goods app. Because hiding things on the top shelf in the back isn’t necessarily safe, especially if you have children in the house or people coming through your home often like caretakers, contractors, or a cleaning service.


    Hiding things from children on high shelves is a safety concern.

    With smart-locking furniture, instead of keeping your nightly prescription on top of the medicine cabinet so it stays away from potentially curious teenagers, or their friends,  you can conveniently and safely store it in your smart-locked nightstand. Instead of putting your kid’s iPad on top of the fridge each night only to come out and see them balancing on a chair to get it down, you can store it in the smart-locking drawer of your coffee table until morning.

    As your life and home evolve, if you find you need more than one smart-locking compartment on your piece of furniture, you can add more smart locks with a screwdriver and our lock expansion kit. These pieces were designed as heirlooms to be handed down from generation to generation, so we designed them to be easily adaptable to life changes.

    Smart Furniture Technology 

    The technology behind our smart furniture is also adaptable. Firmware updates keep your smart furniture current without you having to think about it. And if technology ever changes drastically, our smart furniture technology is flexible enough to remove or upgrade.

    Plus, unlike other smart furniture pieces, it’s not necessary for our smart furniture to be plugged in at all times to keep the locks powered, so you can float your piece throughout the home as your needs change. Each piece comes with a rechargeable battery that can be charged as needed using our six-and-a-half-foot cord and a backup battery or a wall outlet.

    Trading Fast Furniture for Smart Furniture

    Another way we’re leading the evolution of furniture is by slowing things down. We don’t use particle board or other cheap materials. We don’t ship anything overseas. We don’t want our pieces to end up in a landfill after a year or two of use.


     Forti Goods Ada side table being made in a shop in the USA.

    Instead, we do our best to maintain the relationship between planet and people. We sustainably source lumber from the Midwest. Each piece is hand-built in the USA in factories that support and value their employees. Our finishes are top-of-the-line, water-based coatings that are healthier for the people in the factories and for the people in your home. And each piece was designed with the intention to last for generations, helping to keep extra materials out of landfills.    

    Embrace the Evolution of Furniture With Smart Furniture That Locks 

    Safe storage in the home is lacking. Most safes look like safes, which defeats the purpose of not drawing attention to something. And most safes are bulky, inconveniently sized, and hard to naturally place within the home.

    an image of a bulky safe


    Smart-locking furniture revolutionizes safe storage in the home by giving your furniture a dual purpose. Now, your coffee table can double as secure storage for your plant medicine. Your display cabinet can safely store anything from firearms  to sensitive documents while still displaying your grandmother’s dishes. Your nightstand can continue to be a catch-all while also safely locking away your personal pleasure items or prescription medications.

    Homes are getting smarter by the day, helping to make your life more comfortable and convenient. As one of the main components of any home, we think furniture should do the same. So we’re here to lead the way in smart furniture technology, one smart-locking drawer at a time.

    Curious to see what smart-locking furniture can do for your home? Read over these considerations for designing a room, and then explore our collection of smart-locking display cases, end tables, and coffee tables. Because furniture should support how we live today.