Customize Through Finish

    Customize through Finish

    Interiors that are gathered over time create both distinction and memories. Adding a new piece of furniture to your home allows your design style to evolve. At Forti, we believe those pieces should serve your lifestyle and be investment quality. 



    If you’ve made the decision to invest in a Forti piece, finish selection is next. There are 14 different finish combinations to choose from to create your own personal storage piece. The Eleanor Entertainer, for example, has three drawers and one cabinet door available as the canvas for any one of seven distinct color and finish options. Eleanor in Oak accented by our Conifer finish with Brass hardware makes a combination that’s a Forti team favorite. 


    Finish selection can vastly change the look of an individual design. The Florence Entertainer is quite chameleon-like. The Clear finish on Walnut has a warmth that works well in a colorful décor scheme, while Clear on Ash is decidedly sleek and contemporary, and the Smoke finish on Ash makes Flo a dramatic statement piece in any room.  

    Gone are the days of one finish through a room. Mixing finishes creates interest and allows for a more natural blend of new and vintage furniture, art and accessories. 

    Interior designers suggest selecting two core wood finishes to create energy and interest in a space. Contrast is important so select finishes that are decidedly different; subtle differences can appear mismatched. By layering in paint colors and additional contrast wood tones can lead to an even more sophisticated look. For example, our Grace side table offers a pop of color to any room – ranging from the bright Moonstone to our fresh Moss green paint. 

    Whether you're setting up your first home or selecting a storage piece to fit within an established interior style, Forti offers palettes of 6 paint colors, three wood species and 4 stain hues. You can’t make a wrong choice, but if you need advice, just reach out to us at Our design team is happy to help you make just the right selection.