A New High In Furniture Design

    A New High In Furniture Design

    If you’re reading this, you’ve discovered Forti Goods. We’re a woman-owned designer and manufacturer of sustainably sourced furniture for responsible plant medicine use within the modern home. While there are many storage devices and containers on the market for this purpose, we thought the world was ready for beautiful furniture that normalizes and facilitates safe home storage. So, as a way to introduce ourselves, we wanted to share what’s important to us.


    Forti means strong, and our furniture is built to last. By marrying timeless modern forms with handcraftsmanship, Forti designs are meant to be heirloom pieces. Beyond safe and convenient storage, each case piece becomes a design statement for your home and a daily staple for securing your cannabis. Our fortitude is in the construction and the details, from solid brass and leather custom hardware and full-extension, soft-close drawer glides to superior wood carpentry. 


    It is possible to make furniture and be environmentally responsible. We think that’s important to a growing number of consumers. Forti relies on beautiful yet durable and eco-friendly materials. Our products are sustainably sourced and hand-built in the Midwest. Our veneers and solid wood meet the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council. We use water-based finishes and carefully curated raw materials with a smaller carbon footprint. We refuse to join the fast furniture trend of cheaply made furniture that is clogging landfills and creating unnecessary waste for our precious planet. If that’s you as well, Forti offers investment-quality pieces and a commitment to continually improve our sustainability practices as we grow. 


    Forti designs timeless modern furniture that embraces the notions of functionality, ease and simplicity. We rely on classic forms and natural materials that compliment straightforward interior style. The Forti Goods team designs not for short-term trends but rather longevity, by aesthetically balancing style with our unique function for safe, secure cannabis storage. While you might be buying a Forti piece to keep plant medicine away from the kids, you’re investing in furniture you’ll pass down to them. 


    We aren’t hiding anything – Forti Goods designs furniture for a higher purpose and worthy of your strains. The way you store it should be both safe and stylish. Drawers are individually sealed to keep  smells from traveling, complete with replaceable carbon filters. Our locking system for doors and drawers operates using Forti Goods mobile or desktop app, keeping your stash safe from curious hands. Our accessories including jars, blocks and trays keep things organized and fresh. 

    Thanks for finding us! Welcome to a new high in furniture design.