Large Jar Block

    Large Jar blocks are designed to hold all our large jar sizes. Our large jar blocks are made to fit within our trays.
    Conifer Linoleum on Baltic Birch
    Petal Linoleum on Baltic Birch
    Carbon Linoleum on Baltic Birch



    Sophisticated storage.


    Neatly Organizes

    Our locking doors and drawers keep everything nice and tidy. Add in our accessory trays, boxes and blocks to create a more bespoke set up.

    Neutralizes Scent

    Our drawers have replaceable carbon filters to cut down on smells in your home.

    Preserves Potency

    Our drawers, accessory boxes and UV glass jars keep your stuff out of sunlight and away from harmful UV rays.

    Accessory Details

    • Linoleum is easy to clean, 100% biodegradable, safe, and non-toxic surface.
    • Solid wood material is locally sourced from sustainable suppliers and comes unfinished.
    • Best used for: Large Jars.

    Fits Inside



    4”W, 3 5/16”D, 1 ½”H; 4”W, 6 11/16”D, 1 ½”H; 4”W, 10”D, 1 ½”H

    Stash it, securely.

    A powerful motor and steel jaws makes this the Fort Knox of locks. Our app connects through Bluetooth or wifi so you can open it nearby, or remotely for visitors when you’re not home.

    We'll be sticking around.

    Our pieces are built to last lifetimes if you treat them kindly. Put your feet up, but we recommend a nice set of coasters.

    Sustainably sourced, sustainably made.

    We select materials not only for their beauty and durability, but also their impact on the planet. Our pieces are made in the Midwest, not halfway around the world. As we grow, so will our sustainable business practices.